We provide project management from the beginning of the video production cycle and on to completion; starting from creative development, design, scripting, directing, filming and editing.


Whether your video project is a simple one-day shoot or a complex production, we collaborate with you throughout the process, ensuring an enjoyable experience and dynamic final product that will make everyone proud and satisfied.


Bringing a creative high-tech twist is part of what we do here at SkyeAerial. Our skills allow us to help you build the perfect customized drone to represent your idea in an original, unique way!

Television Commercials

We work exclusively with each of our clients to specifically identify your desired commercial and reach your predetermined goals to ensure customer satisfaction, instituting an increased awareness to the client’s attention at a deeper level.

Wedding Videography

At SkyeAerial Productions we create each wedding video as a distinct work of timeless cinematic art that reaches far beyond the standards of traditional wedding videography. Let’s make your special day extraordinary!

Acting Reels

Every actor’s story begins with a show reel. SkyeAerial’s team is here to provide you with the utmost creative show reel that truly captures your skills. We are here to provide you the essentials needed to take your image to the next level.


We meticulously edit our videos and produce captivating footage in a format which allows the viewer to engage while enjoying the created cinematic story. We pride ourselves in producing top notch footage in a timely manner, insuring that you are happy and satisfied with our work.

Music Videos

Creating and capturing your artistic story is our passion. Our dedicated team of professionals will guide you every step of the way. From concept to full production, our eye-opening visuals will allow your music video to reach new heights.

Logos and Website Design

With beautifully designed layouts our team will showcase your website with satisfying results. From logo design to a complete website, our team will establish instant gratification.

SkyeAerial, a full of life production company dedicated to our craft. Whether it’s in studio or on location we will provide you with a wide spectrum of satisfying results. SkyeAerial Production brings you the utmost quality. Perfection is our standard. - SkyeAerial

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Additional Services
Taking You To New Height

Skyearial’s passion expands its horizon even further with our services in photography, real estate property shoots, drone cinematography and drone customization for your specific production needs. Including head-shots, photo shoots, event photography and wedding photography. With our wide variety of resources such as locations, vehicles, properties, studios, green screen, and props providing you the freedom to take your imagination in to becoming reality.


Aksel Final


When Aksel was ten years old, he visited a flying field in San Fernando Valley. This is where his passion for drones began. He built, modified, and raced RC’s of all kinds. His successful entrepreneurship guided him to open and run his very own RC store at the age of eighteen. He was invited to work on a feature film capturing footage with a drone. He fell in love with the film industry ever since.